10 August 2011

what i have been upto..

Kelly's Glasses : I found them on a bench...
So i have been busy busy busy, in the last few days, putting together my new shop. Going out my buddy kelly, we ventured to Brighton for a little sight seeing, it was great i got some wonderful things, including 150 little vintage glass bottles, to make lots of wonderful necklaces. You can see above i have started.
So i thought whilst kelly is down that i would get all my Velvet Feather Vintage clothes modeled (she has beautiful hair)and ready for the new website. We had a great day in a field near me prancing about and taking lots of pictures. I look forward to sharing it all with you.


  1. Those necklaces look like they will be gorgeeeoouusss! Can't wait until they are available to buy, all your favourite things of mine go before I have money!xx

  2. exciting shit right now hehe!
    i wanna know all bout your Brighton day! was it good?
    your friend has looovely hair and is so pretty! she's done a better job then i would of have haha!

  3. Ooh wow I love those little glass bottles, they are so cute!

  4. New follower from Bloglovin! Looove your blog... those little jar necklaces look like they are going to be adorable.. :) Sea Marie

  5. Looks and sounds exciting my sweet!! I neeeeeeeed to know where her glasses are from though please? :) hope you're well xxxxx

  6. those pendants are lovely!

  7. The glass vials with the dandelion seeds... ingenious. Out of curiosity though i wonder if they stay all puffy and dreamlike <3

  8. oh the bottle necklaces are a lovely idea! you are so creative.

  9. love the bottle pendants! such a great idea x


  10. Wow gorgeous photos, I always love reading your blog so much :) xx

  11. I absolutely LOVE your header, so vintage and just gorgoeus!
    I also love the style of your blog! what is the font you use for the titles etc?

  12. this and you are so beautiful!
    love lots http://www.wonderingwolves.blogspot.com/


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