How to work from home – from the worlds most annoying procrastinator

The age old worry of a freelancer working from home, I have been doing
now nearly two whole years and when your desk is right next to your bed
believe me the temptation to roll back into it is crazy strong. But on
my recent journey of getting a grip on my life I have realised a few
things mainly that I am blessed that I get to work at home and the fact
that I love what I do. So from the worlds best procrastinator I have
some top tips for working from home.

This is one of the most important things I have learnt, write your to do
list the night before, worst thing is waking up and not really knowing
where to start of what to tackle first. So before I take my make up off
and get ready for bed I write my next days to do list so its out of my
head and so I feel a tad less stressed about the next day.

1. Create an inspiring place to work, personally it’s really important to me that my space is inspiring, I put up my favorite quotes, art work and photos on my wall above my desk to keep me motivated and inspired . I love using pinterest to seek and hunt out exciting wall layouts. keep things refreshed.

2. Work on only one thing at once, it’s super easy to feel overwhelmed with that to do list but taking things on in manageable chunks is the best way forward.

3. Reward yourself with something small if you finish a task or you get a new client, maybe have an extra 5 minutes to yourself or a cup of tea, keep yourself motivated with a treat as an end goal.

4. Limit your social media throughout the day or even switch your phone off, drastic I know but it will help  you focus on the task at hand. I also really like to put on a documentary of a radio station so I have background noise, I’m not a massive fan of working in silence.

5. Learn that some days you just cant function fully and thats ok, the joy of working from home that its east to take a break from things, make a cup of tea or go for a walk its ok.

6. Get dressed, I find if I take myself out of my baggies and put a full outfit on as if I was heading off to work it helps my brain get into the mind set that I have a task at hand to do, plus it’s nice to get dressed in your favorite clothes. 

I hope that helps a little, sometimes it just so easy not to work because of home comforts but it’s best to just do your best starting a little something is better then not starting at all. 


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  1. September 9, 2016 / 12:31 pm

    I've been working from home since February and really love these tips. Creating an inspiring place to work is at the top of my list – I've been working away at the kitchen table for the duration of my employment, but will soon be moving into my office! Too excited. I'm going to go check Pinterest for ideas now 🙂

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