#forthefearless Coca-Cola Tattoo studio Pop up

I woke insanely early from a late night text and then I was unable to sleep excited and a little nervous as I had a really fun morning ahead,   what would turn out to be a really empowering and wonderful experience. I wouldn’t say I’m heavily tattooed, but I have a fair few around 25 and after todays #forthefearless I now have 26. The session was really something I hadn’t experienced before, everyone was chatting sharing stories and their was a real light heartedness in the studio. I often think tattoo studio can appear to be scary spaces but if you’ve got a bunch of people laughing and sharing jokes it really makes the experience so different and when you’re surrounded by a hoarder 70 year olds they have some stories!


So lets get to the heart of what this whole thing is, to celebrate Coca- Cola Zero sugar’s New advertising Campaign Mr Hadley  a rebellious 70 something after the taste of a Coca-Cola Zero sugar becomes a fearless rebel so , Cola Zero Sugar have created a the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio which is a pop up offering free tattoos to fearless over 70s.  It can be found on 34 Cheshire street, London, E2 6EH – just off the famous Brick Lane. Its only open for the one day, from 11 am – 7pm Tuesday 6th February. This is however only for the over 70s (but anyway will be able to get one if they come with someone over 70.)

I feel it would of been something my Grandma on my Mum’s side would of loved. Her fearless story involves a Winnie the Pooh tattoo and a Bucket list after being diagnosed with Lung disease and given only a few month to live. She had always wanted a tattoo, so added this to her bucket list and decided to get a rather large Winnie the Pooh on her shoulder blade realising she was pretty fearless considering her scary road ahead she through herself whole hearty into the experience.

It was  great getting to spend the morning (before I myself had the opportunity to get a real one) with an amazing bunch of other 70s who along with Professor Green and his Nan chatted away about their lives, it was so nice to see them all adorned in Temporary tattoos.

I was actually really privileged to spend my tattoo session with a lady (over 70) and pretty hilarious who was getting an old tattoo transformed. She was completely transfixed with the tattoo process and when the final tattoo was revealed she cried whilst showing her my final wrist tattoo she just thought it was wonderful, calling them “Angel hands.” it was such a surreal experience and one that I’ll be sharing with people when they ask me about the piece on my wrist.  I have shared more of the day on my Instagram stories, @_ellamasters_ you can go follow @CocaColaEU and head to Coca-Cola for more information about this wonderful empowering campaign.


This is a paid campaign with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, but all words, photos, feelings and experiences are my own.


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