All in a year

A year has seriously gone so quickly, truth be told I didn’t think we would make it, I just turn into the most self conscious self loathing human when I get into a relationship but somehow he still likes me. He’s probably the best human I’ve come across I was going to bail on our first date as I had such fail with men in the past but I am really glad I decided to sit and chat shit for a few hours. 

You have seemingly completely obviously taken all of my bad memories of previous mean men and made me feel loved even though sometimes you forget to tell me I know you care and that will do just fine with me. 

I have learnt a lot about myself in the last year, verdured to a few new places and realised my favourite people are northerners. Rekindled my love for music so much so that I have decided to learn to play guitar so I can impress you with my rendition of wonder wall. I’ve taken a hell of a lot less selfies, I’ve gained a solid stone because I discovered its ok again to love food. I know full well that my mum would of approved which is always good in my books. Even though he’s still away I miss him everyday and only another thirty or so days left to go before I get that hug that I think we both deserve. 


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