29 April 2010

The heart and the bottle.

+01 well today was another long a tiersom day, was in the studio at 8:30 am, and i've literally just left it and got back to my boyfriend it is now 19:16 pm...i am quite enjoying being under pressure with my work it is really forcing me to do my work, put everything into perspective and has made me realise how much i enjoy my course and how hard work is the best thing to do...to be successful.
  • so today i completed my plan of my book
  • photocopied lots of hand drawn/painted type.
  • Bought an amazing childrens book by Oliver Jeffers
  • created 3 pages for my book
  • Ate a pasty which was bloody fantastic
 +02 the image above is the front cover to the book that i bought today, i've have become the biggest geek ever wanting to rather spend my money on books then clothes, i'm lovign studying and learning atm. Im teaching myself everything i need to know about illustration, like storyboarding, use of colours, narrative blah blah blah!


28 April 2010

No place like home...

+01 i would just like today to disappear, i have been alone in my studio for most of it stressed out im still doing work now, i cant switch off third year is crap! im the only person on my fine art course whos doing a book...i know its my choice but hey! and i have an MA interview next friday and i decided stooopidly to go to brighton with some mates over the weekend ooo it looks like fun but im stressing that i will run out of time...god i could cry...anyway

"Nobody really cares if you're miserable, 
so you might as well be happy." -Cynthia Nelms.
This quote above is getting me through it though.....

I've put this dudes work in because i discovered it through a friend today and i really like the layout of his zines, my tutor told me i had to work on my layouts its uber hard taking all the things i need to do for my book in, because i havent actually had any formal, illustration teaching so i havent learnt everything through books or my tutor, so i'm really worried that this book is going to be shit

as you can probably tell i am having a shit day, homesickness sucks i tell ya so im going to put a pic up of my family :) x this is minus my dad who was taking the picture.

+02 ok so i am not going to brighton now...would have been lovely to have gone but hey know i get to do work...i should be slightly hqppy but i am not.

+03 I have been asked to try out for the cornwall roller derby OMG! i havent skated for years and a bigger worry im asthmatic im really worried... shall i so it? basically you skate/sprint around a track you can be pushed over...eekk does anyone reckon i should do it...i need a confidence boost....so what ya think!?

27 April 2010

studio portrait.

+ 01 this is my studio 27/04/10 this is where i live for 10 hours of the day when i do my artwork, i love my jumpers and here are a select few the green one is joe's my boyfriend. we both have a passion for jumpers :) i hope you like my studio space i am making the most of it because i have 4weeks and 3 days left in the space, makes me sad that i will have to leave.
my space is filled with photographs of my childhood, with my mum in 80's clothing, i have tonnes of photocopies, paintings, inspirational quotes.The suitcase above i found the other day outside a mans house along the road its is 1950's American airline, im going to use it for my degree show. its filled with my fashion books from the libary and my NYLON magazines.

which one?

a+01 i am currently working on my book in the studio and im feeling a little worried if iam picking the right meduim? shall i use acrylics or watercolours im notsure which, watercolours are what i use best but the vibrancy of acrylics is what lures me in..???!!!

what looks better?

+02 i just had a surprise tutorial with my tutor mary and it went sooo well that im rather excited eek! she loved my bok idea but i have to work harder on my illustrations, i need to make it so they flow between each page and make the reader want to carry on looking its going to be a hard 5 weeks but it will be ok :)


26 April 2010

say it like you mean it....


+01 today was a slight break through.. for me with my work, i know i keep bloggin about it and its getting boring but i kind of have a good feeling about this book..I think, if anyone has a any song lyrics, or quotes or things that cheer you up, inspire you and spure you on i would love to know, because fot this book i am creating 365 happy thoughts for my new book i have a few but i would love to hear from you lovely followers.??????????

* Find more of the A Lyric A Day project and Luke's artwork *

+02 I watched that programme about goldsmiths today, the one on bbc, the one that is the biggest load of crap ever! i knwo there maybe a few of you out there that go to goldsmiths but please, i dont understand i have done fine art at falmouth university, this place is fun, you are able to be yourself without the resistrictions of wanting to or becoming famous. I spoke to a friends friend today who goes to goldsmiths and does fine art like me, but he didnt understand how are university work apparently we arent proud of our work and we pigeon hole ourselves, i can not stand the whole art debate: Here we go i create work with text because i like it, i am not saying i am an illustrator or a fine artist, i am a very lucky person who appreciates everything she is given and my talent is the best thing i have been given so i create work appreciate and to give back to people, and make them happy so that is what art is to me! Argh there over it moving on..

+03 well today i also went into the two little bird boutique where i am selling my work and i have sold everything except for necklaces you'll be able to see them on my Ellabear and Joseph you can also follow us on Twitter. Iam sooo happy with info i was really worried i wouldnt sell anything :) but i am now a happy bunny.

+04 i quite fancy this man looks like my bf = tom hughes cemetary junction inspiration i call it hahaha i change my studio walls everyday for fresh inspiration :) here is today.
Coffee time!


25 April 2010

theres an old accient arabic proverb...

'throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it.'

Dot 'n' Roll...rebel in paradise a dedication.

Leather jacket : Primark
Silk polka dot vest : newlook
jeggings : Newlook
+01 This is my outfit from today, i bought the silk vest recently and it makes me feel so i free, the wind blew up my top making me look a wee bit larger then i am. Its so easily stanned its soo stoopid. The leather jacket is my favourite thing in the world i've had it for about 5 years now it is covered in hole but i love it to much to get rid of it. Its brown leather, i had a look for a new one but i cant find the perfect leather one that compares.

+02 A year ago today a good friend of mine ryan died in a freak accident along with his little sister and luke, he was a real inspiration, Ryan was so hard working he spent most of his degree working at the cab company he ownedhe died 2 months before he could finish his degree, thats why i've been working so hard this year, to be so close to something and not getting it, to be a nice person and then them not being here anymore...it makes you realise the importance of everything..it was hard not getting to say good by to him. It was all over the news, it was so surreal and it still is. I just wanna dedicate this to ryan & his little sister frankie its not much, but what can you say ...Rebel in paradise x

+03 This book is slowly moving in a diffrent direction..? I've slightly changed the plot...and at the same time slowly loosing the plot!

24 April 2010

Whip it real good!

+01 i really dont blog much about fashion or my fashion, im going through a sort of no inspiration fashion thing at the moment, and i find that there are so many fashion blogs out there i just figured no-one would really want to readabout what i've been wearing but i did do my first chictopia and lookbook.nu. I can't really find the time to take pictures of myself and my outfits in the morning and when i get home i look a state! Anyway i thort i would add on here a few lovely things i've discovered and been inspired by today.

+02 I just absoultley adore these sunglasses from asos and my obession for the 70's is spreading to my fashion taste...surely not a good thing?
ASOS 70'S Vintage Look Tulip Sunglasses

  • - Vintage style oversized sunglasses
  • - Clear frames with contrast trim detail
  • - Dark tinted lenses with UV protection

+02 My new style icon has to be Ellen Page, i have loved her since i saw her in juno and in teen vougue in 2007 i think, she is just the most natural beauty, i just watch whip-it at a previews and i tell you what it was just so diffrent to any other film i've seen recently, you have to go see it. The sound track is so F**KING good The ramones to RUN-DMC.
For Ellen page's look think rock band t-shirts, skirts and tight jeans...this is what i love and this is what the look is im doing atm. TOMBOY IS BACK! But she does look lush when she is on the red carpet with Drew Barrymore who is another one of my style icon, both women have a very laid back, even cool chic about them. I need some hard gritty rock music back in my life to sustain me through the last 6 weeks of my degree i tell ya, i was bought up on punk and country music so between then and now i think i've created a rather ellectic taste in music, you should see my vinyl collection...


In stitches..

+01 I spemt a few minutes making this new header..do you like it? i decided to make it a little more personal so i decided to hand-draw it after doing research into typography yesterday, i love researching in the libary at uni. By the way if know one didnt know this by now i am an uber geek! I havent really been upto much spent the morning watching ghost programmes and writting my book..its safe to say i need to get a life!

+02  Im still really struggling with this book now have like 2-3weeks for it to be completed in time for printing i might bind it myself so i have more time to create it, but i do really want it to be really professional! Below is a new illustration from the book, i'm liking the style of it, but im currently feeling really unsure in myself, and that usually reflects on the effort and how i feel about my art work!

+03 so lastnight me and my boyfriend headed to the cinema to see Cemetary junction, an it was amazing, i loved it, the entier cinema were in stitches for most of the film, the colours in the film, the cars, the plot were just perfect. I would really reccomend it...also the Tom hughes is really rather fit.... on a less girly note, it has really helped me with the plot of my book that i am basing in the 1970's. Also to add to this note i bloody love Ricky gervais's laugh.

23 April 2010

into the dark.

+01 so this is a wee experiment of one of my pages from my book, below is an extract from it..im still working onit...so...

'I sit and watch the rain hit the window Payne in the coffee shop it comes down in sheets here not drops, the colours and patterns blur outside, people turn into masses of melting colours and flashes of light.  The window is steamed up, I slowly write words and images in the moisture, hello. The water drops onto my hand, I sit for a little while longer staring at the umbrellas’ and coloured rain Macs. The coffee shop lady starts to move closer while she is sweeping up I get the hint and slowly put my coat on and step into the dark.'

It would be great to know what people think..?

+02 spent the rest of the day in the studio again its looking a right mess im a bit bored of being a 3rd year now i have no life at all, its just about art and illustration which i guess really isn't a bad thing but i get so distracted by everything just spent the last 2 hours in the libary readung past issuess of NYLON , sucha bloody distraction! And to add to the stress i've left my phone at Joes so i havent been able to get in contact with my mum...had a well weird dream i called joe my mum and damanded that he got me my asthma inhaler...this stress is turning me loopy i tell ya!

+03 The EVER HIP! zine is stressing me out far to much atm, but it should be complete at the end of the month, i just have so much illustration work on the go atm...so fingers crossed it will be complete before may? eeek!


22 April 2010

daily portrait!

+01 so today i have spent it in the studio doing my book project but i am constantly discrated by everything and anything, now i have the internet in the studio...its a bad thing, but the upside to it i can listen to music in the studio currently listening to Ellie Goulding. I especially love her song 'writer' its lovely makes me all happy and summery i think i have had to many E numbers coca-cola and skittles is not the best combination i tell ya!

+02 After my skittle and coca-cola binge these are the illustration i have produced i've stupidly decided to re-write the book give it a bit more of a twist to engage the viewer  a wee bit more, also i relaised that if i am creating this book for a exhibiton, i cant make it to long because no-one would want to really stay there for ages reading it...so im a bit stressed out about the book now...i wanna hide! I painted the keep calm and carry on poster for the end of my book.


21 April 2010


Top: newlook-via heart foundation charity shop
                                                            Skirt: Zara
                                                      Belt: Beyond Retro
                                                      Ring: Market stool

 +01 ok so i am offically shit at taking pictures of myself! i've been trying to take pictures of my outfit today and it just hasn't happened they are awful! im setting up a better place to take pics tomorrow when i have more time i have a floral background :) so whatch this space. I left my tripod back home in london so im going to have to purchase another one..which is a bit poo but hey ho or a cheaper idea is to get the boy to take the photos...its just finding the time in the day to take the pics..

+02 Re-discovered these beauties, original Mary Quant original fancy stockings from the 60's i bought them off ebay not long ago, they are really good quality and they come packed in a really cute packaging the colour of the stockings are lovely and they are really helping me gain inspiration towards my book...eek! i must get on with it reather then taking pictures of myself!


Kiss me Quick

+01 I have tonnes of clothes that i am hopefully going to be getting rid of most of my clothes are vintage, i have a massive collection of shoes and jumpers, bits and bobs i have to reduce the amount of stuff i have because i am moving back to london in july after my degree is over and i dont have that much space at home as i do in my room in falmouth. so what this space i maybe be doing a give away for some stuff and also putting stuff up for sale.

This photo is not me it is from kiss me quick boutique...i was just showing a sample image.

+02 (the above photo is credited to kiss me quick boutique...im not that pretty) I absoultley love the website Kiss me quick boutique, its filled with a lovely mix of, vintage and new topshop bits and pieces. They have a lovely website, i have been asking my bf for ages to set a wrbsite up like this to sell bits and pieces and i havent got round to it yet, but these gals have a lovely inspiration website...pretty fab.

+03 I love the peter pan style jumper above, earlier today i went on the rumage in the local charity shops, looking for patterns for jumpers mainly from the 1970's for my collection, i came back with a hand full of of images from the 70's and some very brightly patterned images from the 80's that make me laugh. Also ventured into the antique shop and bought a little hand-painted metal tea-pot for a pendant on my necklace. I am seriously stupidly obsessed with jumpers i wear only a selected few of the many that i have and tbh i dont really suit jumpers, myself so really i dont know why i love them so much?


20 April 2010

the importance of music.....

+01 So its back to the norm again, over the last couple of days i've been so busy making parcels for people, cards letters and trying to get my illustration work done ekk!! 3weeks to complete it and get it printed professionally :), i went into the libary to day at uni and paid offf my £4.30 fine...im so unorganised but i came across some well lush books, Importance of music to girls, and biba books. I have also been re-united with my boyfriend after 5weeks of being away from each other, it trully has felt like forever and the past 2 days have been great. Student loan went in aswell and i bought a lovely little dress from newlook for £2 i would post pics but i feel rather fat but on a happier note...well a boring note, ive bought a new journal its well lovely..

+02 i also quit my job today..i just couldnt cope with the pressure of degree show and working during the week, ive got another week left, i also did some damage to my right hand a few weeks agao and its just flared up and i dont want have to have it made worst by doing something i can avoid from now on...i did feel really bad and guilty for leaving but what can you do it ran its course. Also i painted 4 more paintings today which i am really rather happy about, shoes and roses were todays theme. I shall take some pictures tomorrow.....to share with the world.

 +03 So this is the lovely sadie's wardrobe her blog is gorgeous, her blog is really inspiring me at the moment especially this photograph i actually asked for her permisson to use the photograph because i thought it was so lovely, it  really reminds me of the late 60's early 70's photography that i have been looking at for my project. The colours on the jumper and the knitt are lovely i have totally become engrossed with jumpers. Her look has really inspired the characters of my 1970's book.


18 April 2010


+01 These are some more illustrations from my new degree show book about the 70's, and jumper i hope people like the 2 top ones they are inspired by the book i am writing,  they are all one on watercolour paper with acrylic, its a new meduim in trying i got a bit bored of watercolours and i wanted a more bold colour and texture. Let me know what you think....
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